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With the spread of Covid-19 we are concerned that all our customers, and particularly our healthcare customers, can be assured of continuity of supply. These are the arrangements we have in place to achieve this at whatever alert level is determined by the NZ Government:

  1. Our phone system has been cell based for the last two years. Although we list landline numbers, we do not have landlines and all calls come through to a cell phone at landline prices. The benefit of this is maximum flexibility and dispersal of handsets. From 4pm Wednesday 25 March 2020 our office and showroom will be closed in compliance with Level 4, but we can operate from home without making any changes to our phone system.
  2. Agility at a time like this is essential. Delivery of garments that do not have to be embroidered or printed can be organized by arranging with suppliers that are open to send orders directly to you, with documentation sent to us. If garments do need to be embroidered, they can be sent direct to the embroiderer. There are risks in doing this because picking errors (style, size, colour) may be made but not picked up by our standard checking process. Providing it is still lawful to visit our embroiderer/printer we will check deliveries at their premises.
  3. Our largest suppliers have very large warehouses in Auckland with substantial stockholdings. These suppliers have a high level of automated equipment which reduces the risk of delays through staff being sick. It is inevitable that some garments may be out of stock at some stage, but it is usually possible to substitute a similar garment at a similar price.
  4. If you have any questions or concerns please contact John Newick at john@uniformbrokers.co.nz or phone DD 09 836 5300.

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Uniform Brokers Limited

First Floor,
357 Great North Road,
Auckland 0612

Private Box 104 230
Auckland 0654

Tel: 09-836 4300
Email: enquiries@uniformbrokers.co.nz


Our Showroom

The showroom is open from 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday

For out of town customers the number is 0800 99 33 00
Telephone and e-mail orders can be processed using credit cards or internet banking.


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